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Take a step today for a new tomorrow!

Presque Isle Counseling Center


My office is located approximately a mile from the sandy beaches of Presque Isle State Park.

If you are visiting this site, you may feel like your life is lacking joy; clouded by anxiety and feelings of sadness. Do you find yourself arguing with your partner and yearning for peace in a chaotic home.

You're smart, independent and figure, "I can handle this alone, I'm not crazy". But if you were able to figure this out on your own, you would have done so by now, right? Let me walk with you on your journey as you develop new insights and skills that will renew the peace and joy in your life as well as rebuild the relationship with your partner.

I invite you to reach out to me today for a free 15 minute consultation. Feel free to contact me at (814) 464-3958 and leave a confidential voice mail message.

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